Survival Guide

About the Venue

Coracle is being held at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center in Pittsboro, NC and is located at 1439 Henderson Tanyard Road in Chatham County. It is 14 miles northeast of Siler City and 18 miles west of Chapel Hill and is located near major highways and well-mapped state roads. The venue is a beautiful farm of rolling hills and meadows in the heart of NC. This region is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, which brings artists, presenters of events and festivals and their participants from the mountains, the coast, and other areas of the United States and beyond.

Gate Hours

General Entry gate hours are 8am - 8pm on Friday, Nov. 3, and 8am - 12pm on Saturday, Nov. 4. Coracle ends at 5pm Sunday, Nov. 5

Early Entry

Early Entry for Theme Camps and Art Installations is 12pm - 8pm on Thursday, Nov. 2. You must be cleared with the Coracle team before planning to arrive on Thursday, Nov. 2nd. If you are not on the early entry list you will be asked to leave and return on Friday, Nov. 3rd.

Coracle Entry

Bring a valid government-issued photo ID and your ticket, either printed or a screenshot in case your phone does not have service. Check-in at the gate. You will be required to sign a release waiver upon arrival as well as a registration form for anyone with you under the age of 18.

General Survival

You must bring enough food, water, shelter, prescriptions, etc. to survive in the environment while attending Coracle. Bring a fork, cup, spoon, and knife.

At your Own Risk

Coracle is an “At Your Own Risk” event. You will be required to sign a release waiver before entering Coracle.

Wrist Bands

This is a private event on private property. If you have lost your wristband, you should go to the Front Gate immediately to get a new one. You will need your ID to verify your original ticket purchase. Anyone seen without a wristband will be escorted to the gate. If you do not comply with wristband protocol you are trespassing on private property, and we will involve law enforcement.

Medical Concerns and Security

In the case of a medical emergency there will be a medical station operated by Arise Event Services, LLC (AES) located near the permanent bathrooms centrally located. Please send someone to the medical station in the case of an emergency. AES provides medical and security services with personalized quality care from licensed and experienced staff. There will be Medical Staff at a medical booth, and/or roaming, and on the radio for the entirety of the contracted Event. For any and all situations that require more than basic First Aid care, AES will serve as liaisons with local EMS, as necessary.


Coracle has contracted the services of Arise Event Services, LLC. Safety Staff will be on shift and roaming during all hours of Coracle and they are trained to handle any and all situations.

Arise will also have Medical Staff at a medical booth and/or roaming and on radio for the entirety of Coracle.

Coracle does not have a volunteer role for Rangers. We are trusting our intimate and local community to self-ranger and otherwise get help from the trained staff of Arise.


Do whatever you can to engage safely with the Coracle community! We recommend getting a COVID-19 vaccine before Coracle and testing before you arrive. While at Coracle if you feel sick or think you’ve been exposed, please test and quarantine yourself if you test positive. We strongly recommend wearing a mask and/or social distancing.

All persons diagnosed with COVID-19 should isolate themselves for 5 days and wear a well-fitting mask when around others for 10 days, according to the CDC. The CDC recommendations for ending isolation after infections with SARS-COV2 vary depending on disease severity and immune status. Recommendations for quarantine and subsequent testing after exposure to SARS-COV2 vary depending on your vaccination status or recent diagnosis of COVID-19. More specific details can be found on their website here.

Wash your hands!

There are real sinks with hand soap in the bathrooms on-site centrally located at Shakori Hills. Carrying (and using) hand sanitizer is a good start, but there’s no substitute for washing with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds as the most effective way to reduce coronavirus contamination on the hands. Please wash your hands!

Water and Sanitation

We are lucky to have drinking water stations that provide cold well water. Please bring a refillable container. There are warm showers and running water bathrooms on site. Portos are also provided for your convenience; don’t put items in a porto that you wouldn’t flush at home. Only toilet paper down the toilet. Please bring a bucket/camping potty/pee jug if you or your family are not comfortable taking a walk to the bathrooms located onsite. Please bring a roll of extra toilet paper. Please be cautious with water waste at your campsite.


You should plan to bring whatever delicious delights you would like to enjoy at Coracle.

If you are sharing food, disclose the ingredients, as one person’s innocuous ingredient can be someone else’s allergy.

You can also bring grills and camping stoves. There is no refrigeration available but a simple cooler should do given the fall chill. All food waste needs to be carried out or placed in the compost bins on site.

Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)

Visits by local law enforcement are a common occurrence at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center. They are required to have access when we apply for a sound permit. The neighbors will most likely call them. Arise Staff shall liaison and fully cooperate with local LEOs and Officials. Coracle is conducted in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

Buddy System

Find a buddy and do not wander off by yourself. Shakori Hills is a very large property and we are an intimate group. There are no fences inside. Make sure that you are staying in visible areas and have a buddy. Make sure your children are in your sight at all times.


All children under the age of 18 attending Coracle must have a ticket and be accompanied by an adult at all times. You are responsible for the safety and well-being of any minor under the age of 18 that you bring to Coracle. Please be respectful of art installations as sometimes their sparkliness can attract young hands and minds.

Lost Child

Guardians, please keep your children within sight at all times. In the case of a lost child, go to the entry gate for help from security.

Dogs & Other Animals

Dogs are not permitted. If you show up with your dog, you will not be admitted to the event. This restriction is for the well-being and safety of participants and their four-legged friends.

Physical and Emotional Self-Care

Make sure you are adequately fed, rested and hydrated. Make sure your clothes are adequate for the weather (check the weather before the event). Make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes for the environment. Remove yourself from a situation if you are feeling emotionally triggered. If you are experiencing a mental or emotional emergency ask for help at the help center at the gate, where there will always be sanctuary space.

Leave No Trace (LNT)

Pack it in, pack it out. There is no communal trash or recycling. Please bring containers for both. Shakori Hills encourages composting. If your camp is serving food or drinks to other participants we encourage that plates, utensils, etc. are compostable or reusable. Make sure your camp sweeps the area for MOOP. We will have LNT volunteers roaming by campsites throughout the event to help make sure we leave Shakori in the same condition or better than we found it. Leaving a fire scar is leaving a trace. If you plan to have a fire at your camp site, it must be off the ground at all times. (Cinder blocks work great!)

Alcohol / Theme Camp Bars

Participants 21 and up are invited to get tipsy on their drink of choice. Want to make a round of drinks for other participants? Hooray! HOWEVER you are responsible for ensuring only those 21+ are served. Double check those wrist bands and request identification showing a date of birth if there is any confusion. Youth wristbands will be bright orange. There is absolutely no serving of alcohol to minors at Coracle. If such activities occur you will be asked to leave immediately.


There are several open camping areas on site as well as spaces for RV’s. Please be sure to purchase a Car Pass for each vehicle and an RV pass for your RV or trailer in advance. There are no RV hookups available onsite. Upon arrival participants will be able to drive to their campsite to unload, and then return to the parking area for the duration of the event. Fires aren’t permitted in individual campsites due to tree cover, please enjoy fires in the designated area or that have been approved by fire safety.

Car and RV Camping

Cars and RVs must be parked at their designated parking areas. Any vehicle must not be driven on grass. Participants must abide by this rule required by the venue. Any car and RV parked in the area which is not designated for parking, may be subject to removal at the owners expense. If you wish to camp in your car, it is permitted but only at the designated areas. Cars and RVs are only allowed in the theme camp areas if they are absolutely necessary for the theme camp to function. Should they remain in the theme camp area, they must be modified or disguised in appearance consistent with the burner ethos.

Fires at Coracle

There is a designated fire pit on site. If you would like to bring a fire barrel or similar it needs to be off the ground and ashes should be carried out or put into the designated fire pit. If you plan to bring a fire barrel or similar please check in with the FAST lead. You may use store bought wood (a bundle from a grocery store etc.) You can not use self gathered wood from outside to protect the local ecology.

Fire dancing, and fire arts are permitted, please prepare for safety and get approval from FAST. Fire performance is at your own risk. You must carry your own liability insurance. Fire performers must be clear of vegetation and other flammables, and need to have a bucket of water / damp towel handy AND a safety person watching out for you at all times.

Effigy Burn

You will be instructed to stay back when the effigy begins to burn on Saturday night. Follow all instructions from the perimeter team for your own safety. Please respect the community by keeping you and your family safe around the effigy fire. Volunteers for the perimeter team will be accepted and will be supplied with training prior to the burn.

Flame Effects

Your flame effects must be inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall on Thursday, Nov. 2nd in order to operate them at Coracle. You must have a fire extinguisher. Operating flame effects is at your own risk. Those bringing flame effects take full responsibility for their safe operation, and prevention of damage to venue property. Most importantly, you take on the responsibility of operating them in a way that is free from unnecessary danger to Coracle participants. For participants enjoying flame effects, please respect the community by keeping you and your family safe around flame effects.

Sound / Noise

All amplified noise must adhere to the Chatham County Noise Ordinance. Our noise permit allows up to 80 decibels of sound from 7am - 11pm on Friday, Nov. 3rd, Saturday, Nov. 4th and Sunday, Nov. 5th (until 6pm).

All amplified music must be contained to stage areas. All amplified noise must end by 11 pm each night.

The good neighbor policy of Shakori Hills Community Arts Center is very important. This noise level regulation and time limit must be strictly adhered to. Shakori Hills Community Arts Center reserves the unlimited right to terminate Coracle if this noise policy is not adhered to. Do your part to help Coracle sail through the weekend without incident.


If you or your theme camp uses a generator they must adhere to sound requirements after 11pm and you must have a fire extinguisher onsite. Open frame generators are not permitted.

Illegal Drugs

Consumption, possession, or distribution of illegal substances constitutes a criminal act and the violation is subject to immediate ejection from Coracle, in addition to criminal penalties.


Vending and other commercial activity is strictly prohibited at Coracle and is grounds for immediate ejection.

Firearms, Ammunition, Projectile Weapons, Fireworks, Explosives

You are strictly prohibited from bringing firearms, ammunition, projectile weapons, fireworks or explosives of any type to Coracle, and you may not have any such prohibited items anywhere on the premises including in your vehicle.


You are strictly prohibited from bringing trampolines to Coracle for the safety of all participants.

Weather and Temperature

The average temperature the weekend of Coracle (Nov. 3-5, 2023) ranges from 63° during the day and 37° at night, the temperature at night has gotten as low as 28 degrees. Please bring very warm bedding and coats to stay warm during the chill evening temperatures. It often rains at Coracle. Be prepared with rain gear including rain boots and jackets. Hand warmers and foot warmers are recommended.


In the event rain is headed our way:

  • WALK back to your camp and batten it down.
  • Secure structures and art in your camp to ensure they can withstand high wind or rain.
  • Protect all food, medicine, bedding and clothing.
  • Use porta-potties before weather hits.
  • Stay off domes, art projects and the tops of vehicles and trucks.
  • Stay out of puddles, especially those with power cords and generators in them.
  • Cover or secure anything electrical.
  • With power off, use wood blocks to elevate power connections out of standing water and seal connections with electrical tape.
  • Don’t operate generators or other electrically powered instruments that are standing in water.
  • Keep flammable liquid containers and flammable gas containers above water level.
  • Check on your campmates and also check on your neighbors to make sure they’re prepared (or help prep their camp if they don’t appear to be there).
  • Don’t drive in wet areas — emergency vehicles are an exception.

Flora and Fauna

Snakes, rodents, spiders, bees, ticks, poison ivy/oak/sumac are present on the site of Shakori Hills. Please prepare with tick repellent, tecnu and any other protection you require. Do a full body tick check before going to bed and once you get home.


At any burn we must remind ourselves to get consent when interacting with others whether it be for a hug, offering a drink, etc. This goes even further than a sexual aspect. With enthusiastic consent, it’s either a HECK YES or it’s a NO. So, please be absolutely sure that you have a resounding YES from any other participants before doing anything that involves them, or you will be asked to leave Coracle Regional Burn immediately with no refund.


You must have consent before photographing, videotaping or audio recording any participants at Coracle. Ask for consent.


Disclose what is in your gifts, even if it’s just essential oils. Some people have sensitivities or allergies.

Protect Your Belongings

Secure your valuables, especially on Saturday night. Consider locking valuables in your car. Tip: Make two spare house and door keys — hide one and carry one.

Suggestions of What to Bring

  • Your Coracle ticket
  • Your identification
  • Lights for yourself
  • Lights for your camp
  • Hand Warmers
  • Feet Warmers
  • Wagon or dolly/hand truck for carrying gear to campsite
  • Camping chairs
  • Fire extinguisher if your camp has any open flame (camping stove, fire performance, etc.)
  • Rain Gear
  • Boots (good for rain and mud)
  • Extra Socks
  • Journal or paper, pen & pencil
  • Camping gear (tent, hammock, campstove, canopy, etc)
  • Warm clothes
  • Warm Bedding
  • Bags for Trash and Recycling
  • 1 roll toilet paper
  • Enough food and cooking gear for the duration of the event
  • Reusable cup, utensils, plate/bowl
  • Prescriptions
  • Sun Hats
  • Tecnu for poison ivy
  • Costumes
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Tick repellent
  • Bucket/pee jug/camping potty
  • Towel
  • Water bottle for refill station
  • Musical Instruments
  • Gifts or swag
  • A positive attitude!
  • Anything else you need to have a great time!
If you have any questions feel free to ask us by emailing coracleoracles at gmail. See you soon!