Coracle Regional Burn will be at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center in Pittsboro, NC on Nov. 8-11, 2024.

Guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man, Coracle celebrates art, community, play and expression. Children of all ages are welcome. There is no vending of any kind at Coracle, there are no commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. You must bring everything you need to survive and thrive in early November elements (cold, rain, sunshine). All offerings by participants are offered as a gift, and our temporary celebration thrives on acts of gift-giving, with no expectation of return.

Everyone is invited to help create the weekend. Coracle is an entirely volunteer-produced love offering.

We strive to leave Shakori Hills Community Arts Center even more beautiful than we found it. Each participant is expected to remove all trash, camping gear, and anything else brought for the weekend. We leave no trace of our presence after the weekend is over.

The word Coracle means a small round boat woven together. We communally weave a weekend of celebration, holding everyone's gifts. You are invited!

Join the Coracle email list to stay apprised of all things Coracle. Please direct any questions or concerns to coracleoracles (at) gmail (dot) com.